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The history behind Gnomes, the business, and the woman behind it all.


Adorable Gnomes™ is a small Minnesota based business where I design, cut, sew and assemble each gnome by hand, one at a time, to ensure that they each have their own sweet look and personality. Each gnome is made with high-quality materials to add joy to your home and complement any decor.

I turned my love of gnomes and sewing into this wonderful hobby! I’ve been quilting for years, but when I fell in love with gnomes, my creativity found a new outlet. These adorable gnomes are so much fun to make and I love designing and creating each and every one. I find that their personalities start to shine through as I add their beards, braids and hats and I hope that you love them as much as I’ve loved creating them.

The Woman
Behind The Gnomes

As a stay-at-home mother to two wonderful children (who are now adults), my days were always busy. Now, as an empty nester, it’s been so rewarding to have found a hobby that brings me so much joy. Plus, it brings a smile to my face knowing that my gnomes are brightening up other peoples homes.

I truly appreciate all the support and sweet comments that I’ve received from my customers.

Thanks, Deanne


The gnome is a legendary figure who became popular in the early 1600s in Northern Europe. They were thought to protect your home, garden & livestock from harm and to bring you good luck.

Gnomes are said to possess supernatural energies and it is said that if you treat your gnomes well, they will reward you with good fortune. Gnomes are said to live for 400 years and are industrious, kind and wise. They are seen as guardians to their family, nature, and animals.

The traditional word for gnome in the Scandinavian culture is Tomte and they are called Nisse in Norway. Kabouter is the Dutch word for gnome. Regardless of the name, gnomes will bring joy and fun to your home! So pick the gnome that speaks to you and maybe you will be blessed with some extra good fortune.

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